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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What Do You Have in Your Hand?

Yesterday, my husband and I took our 14-month old grandson Isaac to the chicken coop to collect eggs. His eyes brightened as he peered into the nest and saw several eggs. With help from longer arms, he gathered a large brown egg into each chubby hand. He looked at the eggs, then he looked at me ... and giggled. I was flooded with a sense of how good life is on the farm!
He stretched wide his arms, still holding an egg in each hand. In an instant, my mind flashed to earlier in the day when we had been playing with his blocks. Part of the game had been to crash the blocks together like cymbals. He would be wearing a gooey mess of yolk and broken shell if I didn't move quickly! I took one of the eggs from him, to his surprise and displeasure. Attempts to get him to focus on the egg in his hand and teach him about its smooth, hard shell, its lovely brown color and its distinctive shape were fruitless. He was focused on the egg in MY hand --the one he didn't have --to the exclusion of all else.
This simple vignette reminded me that it is human nature to focus on what we don't have, thus missing the joys of what we do have. I long for a more acres, more and additional kinds of animals, a fishing pond. But yesterday, just a few short weeks after Thanksgiving, I was again reminded to appreciate what I do have, to focus on what I have in my hand.
What do you have in your hand?

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