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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bucklings for Sale

We currently have 2 bucklings for sale, with more to come as they are weaned.  We are retaining all our does to build the herd.

Nigerian Dwarf/Spanish cross buckling
First, a Nigerian Dwarf/Spanish cross born 9/21/2014. His dam is a registered Nigerian Dwarf whose granddam is a 2-star milker. She is our original goat and the best goat in the whole wide world -- also a great milker with a fabulous disposition. His sire is a Spanish from the Baylis line. The Spanish breed, also known as a "brush goat", adds hardiness because of its ability to thrive on low quality browse. This buckling is intact and has horns.

Nigerian Dwarf dam with her newborns, the buckling on the right

Spanish sire

The second buckling for sale is a Kiko/Boer cross born 10/14/2014. His dam is pure Boer and his sire is pure Kiko. He has interesting black coloring with a white thunderbolt marking on his forehead. Boers are traditional meat goats but, as a breed, suffer from parasite issues. Kikos are parasite resistant and have an added benefit of not needing hoof trimming frequently. This Kiko/Boer cross will make a great herd sire with these blended characteristics.

Kiko/Boer cross buckling with lots of black and a thunderbolt marking
The Kiko/Boer cross buckling with his dam

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