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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Beauty of Creation this Spring

Jasmine, roses, peonies and lilac in bloom; hydrangea, hosta and other perinneals coming back to life; and lush green grass ... I love this time of year. This spring, I am more exuberant than usual about the beauty of creation because I can see everything so clearly! The outcome of the surgery on my left eye is "perfect" according to my doctor ... perfect vision, perfect pressure, perfect healing. I am driving again after more than a year. I can see faces again to recognize people and read their expressions. I never appreciated how much of communication is non-verbal until life was a constant blurr.

I am scheduled for my right eye operation Monday. Lord willing, I won't see lop-sided anymore when the patch comes off Tuesday morning. I have enjoyed doing the before-and-after thing, closing my left eye and not being able to see then closing my right eye and experiencing the joy of restored vision all over again. But lop-sided vision has its challenges and I will be happy to have it all behind me soon. And the best part is my sight won't be "back to normal". I have worn corrective lenses since the 3rd grade. No more glasses or contacts for me. Hallelujah!

I wonder how long it will take me to break the habit of reaching for my glasses on the bedside table first thing when I awake in the morning, or how long before I'll stop thinking I need to protect my contacts from dust or wind. Regardless of the time, I hope I never lose the wonder of sight and gratitude for having mine.

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