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Sunday, March 27, 2011

No Longer "The Urban Homesteader"

Timing is everything, so the saying goes. Just when I figured out what an urban homesteader is, I learn that I must change the name of my blog. I just discovered that the term urban homestead (and variations like homesteader and homesteading) has been trademarked. How can a term so widely used and not unique to one person be trademarked?! There is much discussion -- and little of it friendly -- about this online. All I can say is that if it had to be done, I'm glad it was done by the Dervaes in Pasadena, CA. They "deserve" it if anyone does., being the original modern urban homestead, as their website claims. Whether I agree with it or not, it means I am in trademark violation to keep the name of my blog. So it must change.

But what to call it? I'll give this name a try for awhile and see how it goes. Good thing a rose by any other name .... is still an urban homestead.


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  2. That is truly ridiculous! Makes me mad, grrrrr... Why do people have to "own" everything, even common words in a dictionary?! I just erased a bunch, so I had better quit while I am still ahead. Oh, I'm hopping mad, and it's not even mine! If the name was available you should have had rights to it.