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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Last Frost?

Ghosts! Or at least that's what my neighbor called my fruit trees covered with sheets. I'm thankful I resisted the temptation to plant when the weather was so nice and the fruit trees started to bloom because we had freezing temps last night and frost on the ground this morning. Could this have been our last frost? I sure hope so, because I am ready to empty the greenhouse and put those beautiful heirloom plants into the prepared soil of my garden.

I have more plants than garden space, so I will be selling the plants I don't have room for. $3 for a 3" peat pot. Quantities are limited but if you want some, let me know ASAP. I have extras of:

    Cherokee Purple (purple -- of Cherokee Indian origin)
    Dr. Wychie's (yellow -- tropical, sweet taste)
    Roma & Amish Paste (good for making sauce)
    Gold Medal (striped -- sweet and mild, great for eating fresh)
    Good Neighbor (red --  a good one to share with your neighbors)
    Tappy's Heritage (red -- meaty and delicious)
    one or two other red varieties: Mortgage Lifter, Brandywine, Delicious

Sweet Bell Peppers:
   Carolina Wonder (green)
   Corona (yellow/orange)

Hales' Best Muskmelon (canteloupe)

Horace Boyette Burpless Cucumber

   Early Prolific Straightneck (yellow)
   Zucchini (dark green)

I planted only heirloom varieties of seeds ... no genetically modified ones will take root in my garden. I saw a video this week entitled The Future of Food. I knew GMO's were "bad", but this really spelled it out for me. Did you know that the only way to get a gene splice into a cell is on the back of a virus or bacteria? So GMO's not only have their DNA tampered with, they have bacteria/viruses in each cell and antibiotics added to kill the organism. Most GMO's are modified to withstand the pesticides sprayed in the fields to kill the weeds, so you can bet GMO plants are not organic either.

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  1. I forgot my tray of tomatos and peppers the night it frosted. Hoping they survive! None of the cold weather stuff minded, though. I couldn't cover my trees like you did :-( Hope we get fruit this year. I would like some of your roma's, at least 2.