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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Sometimes it's hard to see progress. My to-do list seems to grow in spite of being busy all day. So I want to take a minute to celebrate the progress I can see.
Things are growing here!

1. the bunnies! We discovered that Nut was Honey and Honey was Nut! So the one with the white spot on his nose is the buck. They are enjoying their new hutch outside during the day. We are still bringing them in each night as long as the tem is below freezing. The ziploc bag of their fur is growing as I groom them each day :)

2. the seedlings ... wow, look at what has happened in a week's time! I have planted more seeds, for staggered growth as well as more types of plants.

3. goat babies! Little One looks ready to go any day. Everything is ready ... I cleaned out the goat barn down to the dirt, limed and spread fresh hay bedding. I even scrubbed the milking stanchion and spools they climb on. My kidding supplies are gathered by the front door. The baby monitor crackles in my ear on my bedside table to alert me during the night if anything is happening out of the ordinary in the goat barn. Here's a picture of Mamma sunning herself this afternoon while I cleaned. Look at that belly!

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  1. Wish I was half as far along as you! My garden is falling to the last spot as I try to maintain goats, home, and children. Bravo to you for being so on top of things!