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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Agritourism? Or Just Grand Central Station

It's felt like Grand Central Station around here since the baby goats were born! We have had so many visitors to the farm -- neighbors, family, egg customers and friends. We have been so excited to share our joy with others. Here are a few pics:
neighbors stayed late into the evening to help during Mamma's delivery
a friend's grandson learns to gently hold a baby goat ... with mamma goat looking on
A neighbor who has come often after school to play and help
our across-the-street neighbors tracked out of school the first day goatlings were born ... good timing!
Syd, Jess & Isaac with AnnaBelle. Here's hoping the love of animals and growing things passes to future generations
Young and old alike enjoy the farm ... my 87 year old mom and her neighbor
The goats aren't the only fun things at Uddermost Farm. There are chickens and rabbits, too!
feeding the chickens scratch
that's a lap full of precious!

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  1. The pics are great! It's so neat to share farm life, isn't it? You have such a welcoming home and personality. You bless a lot of people!