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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dairy Goat Babies 2014: Sr. Does

The senior does have kidded. So the first goat babies have been born on the new farm. How wonderful to have all the barn space and separate stalls for mom/baby bonding!

Sandy in labor,
keeping warm under a wool blanket
Sandy kidded first, on January 28th (day 140). Although she came early and on a snowy afternoon, her twins are doing great. (PS -- notice the cot in the background. I spent 3 consecutive nights in the barn. Can't recommend this cot highly enough -- a Coleman SmartComfort. Slept well, no sore back! Lightweight and easy to carry. And the pad is covered in plastic, a must-have feature for the barn.)

Sandy's doeling and buckling.
Both are SOLD.

Here are Sandy's twins, just minutes old. A doeling and buckling. Had the white kid been the doeling, her name would be Snow White. However, he is a buckling so his name is Prince Charming. Her doeling is a brown buckskin with white splashes. Due to the white on her tail, I have named her Tipper. This is the only good picture of the doeling that I have been able to get. She is a spitfire ... always springing around and loving life, never posing for a picture. They are eligible for registration. Prince Charming is $125 as a bottle baby. Tipper is $200 as a bottle baby.

Prince Charming

AnnaBelle delivered 4 bucklings just before dawn
without a human attendant (me!).

AnnaBelle was the next to kid on February 1st. She surprised me and kidded when I was not there, even though I had checked on her at midnight and she showed no signs of delivering soon. This is the first time I have not been there to catch every kid born on the farm. However, she did a great job and had them just about cleaned up by the time I arrived for morning chores. Her 4 bucklings are of good bloodlines, but not eligible for registration. $75 each as bottle babies.
AnnaBelle's buckling Texas -- SOLD
AnnaBelle's buckling Fric (SOLD).
His twin Frac looks just like him.
Tiny Tim, born 2.5 lbs at birth, half the size of his brothers -- SOLD

Mamma Goat delivered a single buckling on February 2nd, Ground Hog day.
Mamma, who holds the record of 6 healthy kids in a single
birthing, had one big boy this year.
Mamma's buckling -- SOLD.
His new owners named him O G Darkness

Bella, our herd queen, was the last of the senior does to kid. She had twins on February 3rd, a doeling and a buckling. Her kids are of good bloodlines, but not eligible for registration. Doeling $150, buckling $75 as bottle babies.
She was so big and uncomfortable prior to kidding.
Bella's doeling and bucking look just alike too.
Her buckling is pending sale.

Our first junior doe due to kid looks like she might deliver by the end of this week. Her kids have dropped and she is beginning to bag up. So stay tuned!

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