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Monday, March 4, 2013

2013 Goat Babies for Sale

It's kidding season! That wonderful time of year with new life, frolicking kids with springs on their hooves and high-pitched baaaas. And time to make the hard decisions about which goats/kids to keep and which to sell. Below are the ones up for sale (all are purebred Nigerian Dwarf):

Daisy x Diego
Daisy is Mamma x Katmandu 2012 doe. I am selling Daisy -- a one-year old, first freshener in milk -- together with her buckling, born February 27th. I am in the process of getting her registered with ADGA. The sire of the bucklings is registered, so they will be eligible for registration as well. She is a good mother and good with people/human kids. $350 for Daisy alone; $150 for her buckling alone; $450 for both.
Daisy and her two bucklings -- SOLD

Daisy's Buckling #1 - SOLD

Daisy's Buckling #2 -- SOLD
Mamma x Katmandu
I am selling Mamma's kids born February 27th, 2 doelings, 2 bucklings. All but one of the kids I have retained in the past are Mamma's, because she is such a fabulous goat. But I need to diversify my bloodlines so I am selling all her kids this year. I am working on getting Mamma registered by ADGA. The sire is registered, so her kids will be able to be registered as well. Doelings $250, bucklings $150

Mamma's doeling #1 "Patches" - SOLD
Mamma's doeling #2 - SOLD

Mamma's buckling #1
Mamma's buckling #2 -- Pending Sale

Bella x Katmandu
Bella had 3 doelings, 1 buckling born March 2nd. Bella is Mamma's daughter by an unregistered, but purebred sire. Doelings $150, bucklings $75. Bella's #3 doeling "Peanut" SOLD. Surprise Koral! :)

Bella's doeling #1 -- Pending sale
Bella's buckling - SOLD

Bella's doeling #2 - SOLD
Sandy x Diego
Sandy is a 2012 doe of Mamma x Katmandu. She delivered a buckling and doeling on February 25th. Her buckling will be eligible for registration. $150
Sandy's buckling - SOLD
This doeling (pictured with her dam Sandy) may be retained.
Sandy's doeling - RETAINED
AnnaBelle x Katmandu
AnnaBelle delivered 3 doelings March 8th. More pics soon. These will be unregistered, $150 each.
AnnaBelle and her 3 doelings - SOLD
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