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Saturday, May 12, 2012


Scott's 1967 Dodge truck, Betsy
Meet Betsy. My  husband's pride and joy  ... an old beater truck he refurbished. Betsy has a new dash and inside door handles that Scott fashioned of walnut from my father's stash, a new camo paint job, new wind shield, new wind shield wipers and side mirrors that Scott had to create, new bed liner, new door locks. What isn't new has been taken apart and cleaned, most especially the engine. She purrs like a kitten and runs great. My contribution will be a blanket to be kept inside since he hasn't fixed the heat yet.

Giving Betsy new life has been a wonderful project for him. He has spent hours finding original parts or replacement parts that fit such an old truck. He has ordered online and traveled the city gathering what she needs. We labored over the decision about what color to paint her and went against the advice of the kids and chose camoflauge. Our painter did it freehand using one of Scott's old army jackets as a guide. It was a gamble, but we are really pleased.

Her first duty, now that she is almost done, is to go with us to my sister's next week and help haul hay from the field, and bring some home to my hungry goats. That certainly endears her to me!
Don't they look good together!

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