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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Berries by the Month

Raspberries in May
Yummy raspberries! Our two bushes are producing an abundant supply for sprinkling on breakfast cereal or stirring into homemade goats' milk yogurt, and just plain eating. It has become my daily ritual to go back out after milking and harvest a bowl full of this delicious, juicy fruit. It's important to wait until the berry turns from red to crimson before plucking. The picture shows the difference in color between ripened perfection and not quite ready. Another way to tell: a ripe berry will fall into your hand when gently pulled. If it continues to hold to the stem, give it another day.

Raspberries are very perishable and only keep a day or two in the refrigerator. They can be stored for up to a year frozen. (Place unwashed, dry berries in a single layer on a cookie sheet in the freezer. Once hard, place in an airtight container and return to the freezer.) Here is a copycat recipe from for Cheesecake Factory Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake. I substitute my goat cheese for the cream cheese -- ounce for ounce. Can't wait to try this recipe.

I am surprised the birds have left us so many berries. It seems robins spend their day either on the ground next to the bushes or on the wire strung for support. Maybe they are leaving the raspberries because they are too full from eating my blackberries. I did get to pop one blackberry drupelet into my mouth yesterday ... it was delicious!

Our little homestead is providing a different fresh berry each month. Reminds me of those catalogs where you can purchase the fruit of the month to be sent to you fresh. Only this is way better! I've already blogged about strawberries. We enjoyed them in April this year. (Due to the warm winter and early spring, everything is early.)

Next up are the blueberries. They have tiny, unripe berries.
Blueberries in June

After that, the elderberries should be ready. They are in full bloom right now.
Elderberries in July

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