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Friday, May 4, 2012

Babies Everywhere!

I have been struck this spring with newness of life. It seems there are babies everywhere. Beginning with our domesticated ones -- the goat kids born in February/March and our new chicks in April/May -- there are also wild ones who have made their home here.

As I was watering some potted plants the other day, I heard distressed little baby animal noises. I lifted the huge leaf of the clary plant and discovered 3 baby bunnies nestled under some hare hair and baling twine. Its hard to see them in the pic -- I didn't want to disturb them too much -- but you can probably discern the little bunny ears between the black and the red pots. You see, they were getting an unwanted shower as I watered my plants.

Here is Mamma Bunny, keeping watch nearby. She picked a great place to raise her babies ... there is delicious food (my pea seedlings in the garden for starters!) and plenty of water available in addition to this cozy, sheltered nest.

Now, I take great care when watering, speaking softly as I approach and keeping the water inside the pots. And I decided to leave the tall grass that is growing next to the raised-bed timber so the Mamma Bunny can feel safe hiding from me and possible predators.

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