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Thursday, April 5, 2012


'Tis the season! The long-awaited season for fresh strawberries. Due to our whacky weather, strawberries are ready now and I picked some yesterday. Enough to make jam. A big batch. Here is a picture of my camera-shy partner in crime Breanna, out of school on spring break, with me at Hunts Strawberry Farm.

However, for periodic eating, I have my own little patch of ever-bearing strawberries. They don't produce alot, but they provide a steady supply for my salads, cereal and yogurt. My strawberry patch used to be in the big garden, but I transplanted the two-year old plants to the south side of the house in the walls of my cold frame ... stealing the idea from Logan's Trading Company. (What a great place to go, a place to receive inspiration!)

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