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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Goat Babies 2012

Kidding season is so awaited, after 5 long months of pregnancy, and so delightful when over after nights of little to no sleep. The LORD blessed us this season with lots of doelings. He protected one of our does from infection after we had to assist in the birth (Scott had to go in up to his wrist to pull the legs out of kid in the breech position). The only saddness this season was the death of AnnaBelle's day-old doeling due to Floppy Kid Syndrome.
AnnaBelle with Chickadee, may you rest in peace

Little One was the first to kid. She had 2 doelings and 1 buckling on the evening of February 23. Like last year, the barn was full of neighbors and friends who came to help and enjoy the miracle of life. A real treat was to have Scott's brother Larry here. He stopped for a visit on his way home to Canada from Afghanistan. We also had our new neighbors from across the street -- a single mom and her 7-year old daughter and 4-year old son -- as well as our usual birth partners.
Little One and her first born

Little One and her 3 kids went together to a new home, a 98-acre farm in Camden where they will join a herd of Nubians. I am so pleased with their new family -- a mom who was so caring and gentle with Little One and three daughters who each get their own kid. It was hard to part with my girl Little One, but I am comforted by thoughts of her good life elsewhere.

Next to kid was Mamma, who had 2 doelings, at 4 in the morning on February 28 after laboring off and on all day. We were very surprized at the low birth number as she holds the record of 6 healthy kids in a single birth, but we are happy with both doelings, named Oreo and Sandy, which we are retaining.
Mamma with Oreo and Sandy
We made new friends this kidding season, truly die-hard friends who appreciated a call at 3 in the morning to come to the barn. We hope to see more of them in the future.
Our newest goat friend, Elisa, with Sandy

Bella gave us Leap babies, kidding on February 29. We thought we were going to lose her after an hour of hard labor and no progress. We knew early on she has an unusual presentation, probably breech, but we began to understand that the kid was stuck. Once repositioned, her 3 kids popped out bam-bam-bam. 2 doelings and 1 buckling. They are indeed triplets that resemble each other and take their coloring from their dad, Katmandu.
Bella and her two doelings
Neopolitan, on the right, with his sisters
We nicknamed her buckling Neopolitan after his chocolate-vanilla-strawberry markings. Now he is named Kenny Rogers and has gone to a good home with his half brother, Billy Ray Cyrus, where he will be the herd sire to Dolly Partin. His sisters have gone to a new home, forming a new herd with two of his sire's owner's bucklings.

AnnaBelle kidded last, during the work/school day on March 1. Fortunately, Breanna skipped school and JeanCarlo was tracked out, so I had help. thanks, guys. AnnaBelle had 3 kids, 1 doeling and 2 bucklings.
AnnaBelle and kids with Breanna and JeanCarlo
AnnaBelle's other buckling (Billy Ray Cyrus's brother) is going to a farm in Oxford where he will be with a 12-week old doeling Abby.

This kidding season would not have been possible without the generous loan of Katmandu by my homesteading soul-sister Jordana. He has superior blood lines and is adding terrific qualities to his offspring. Thanks, Jordana and Katmandu!
Firestone Creek HWD Katmandu

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