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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Re-visit to the WHY of Homesteading

I began homesteading for several reasons, two in particular. First, I was home almost 24/7 caring for my dad the last 8 months of his life. (That was a special time with him for which I am truly thankful.) Chickens, a large garden, planting and nurturing other edibles filled my days and contributed to my contentment about being tied to home. The second reason can only be explained as an urgency from the LORD to become more self-sustaining. In early 2008 when I began this journey, I had no special foreknowledge that in just three short years the USA, and the world, would be in the shape it is today. I had no idea the real estate market, which was my primary source of income, was going to tank. I had no idea that the dollar would lose so much value that Kroger-brand cream cheese bars would be $1.75 (and Philadephia brand over $2) each! I had no idea that I would feel an earthquake sitting at my computer in Raleigh in the same week that I would be preparing for Hurricane Irene to come ashore nearby. But the LORD knew and, because I was listening, I heard Him say Get ready.

I realize that gradually and insidiously since 2008, I have grown complacent and shifted my focus from the why of homesteading to the what. I have been more about what to grow in the garden, what to do with all the harvest, what my goats need and what direction I want to go with my chickens than the why  -- because I heard the voice of the LORD. My loving and long-suffering Father has finally raised His still-small-voice to the point where I can hear Him now saying Wake up!

I am groggy from my slumber and still wiping the sleep from my eyes, but I am awake and listening. I am hearing -- and sense -- the time is short. Daily I hear Christians comment that they believe we are in the end times. Not the people who declare the end of the world on a certain day ... no man knows the day or the hour ... but those who read the Bible and watch the news, and interpret world events from a Biblical perspective. Scripture is clear that we can recognize the birth pangs and can know the season of His coming. Scripture warns us not be caught unaware and encourages us not to be afraid. God is in control. The outcome is sure.

Two scholars who study prophecy and understand Middle Eastern culture are coming together for an evening on September 11, 2011 to help us wake up, understand and prepare. Click here to learn more. In a recent conversation about how to prepare for whatever it is that is coming, my wise sister said, "The most important thing is to have a right relationship with Jesus Christ." And that is it in a nut shell. If we are right with Jesus, the we can have peace in spite of turmoil and our fate has been sealed with the Spirit of God as a guarantee. If we are right with Jesus, He will take care of us, never leave us, never forsake us. If we are right with Jesus, He will guide us along the path we should follow so that we will be where we need to be and ready for what is coming.

PS -- Why is our generation different from those over the past 2000 years who believed the return of the LORD was imminent?  Our generation has seen the rebirth of Israel as a nation, the gospel reach all people groups, the development of technology to regulate buying and selling with skin-related devices (the mark of the beast) and hand-held gismos that will allow every eye to see the death and resurrection of the two witnesses and the coming of the Messiah on the Mount of Olives. The birth pangs of increasing frequency and severity of earthquakes and naural disasters, lawlessness, children rebelling against their parents and famine -- to name a few -- are upon us.


  1. Appreciate you sharing you heart!

  2. Quite right. It is pretty easy to get caught up in the what, and forget the why, for all of us. Yet the what helps us get through until the why comes to fruition, if that makes sense, lol! Good, thoughtful post my friend.

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