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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Honey Extraction Lessons

Sometimes the best lessons are learned the hard way. Our honey extraction lesson this week, and a good tip for you today, is this:

~ Check the plug on the receiving bucket before opening the extractor to drain ~

We didn't, and wound up with about 2 gallons of honey on the floor. What a sticky mess ... not to mention $160 of honey harvest wasted.

In our hurry to not spend the day harvesting, we were spinning, draining, cutting caps and being a helper all at the same time. With our backs turned, the plug popped out and the honey oozed out of the bucket onto the floor. Fortunately, we both kept our sense of humor and looked on the bright side while we cleaned up. For instance: At least it wasn't more than 2 gallons. Thank goodness it spilled onto a cement floor rather than carpet. It's a blessing we don't rely on this harvest as our livelihood. I'm so glad your not mad at me and blaming me for this.

In spite of the goof, we ended with about 6 gallons of rich delicious honey. I have never seen honey so dark. It has the color and consistency of molasses, but the unbeatable flavor of honey.

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  1. Ok, I'm buying a pint from you this year! I have to have some for special times :-) Sorry you lost so much, but 6 gallons is still pretty good.