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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baby Robins

We have a science lesson just outside the door of our screen porch. I'm so glad we have neighborhood kids who frequent our house so the lesson is not wasted.

We marveled at the nest Mother Robin made. Just her size so she would fit but not suffocate her offspring. Meticulously crafted without the use of opposing thumbs. Nestled in the protection of the tree, but in just the right spot to catch the morning sun -- to keep it warm while she searches for worms.

Then appeared 3 beautiful robin's-egg blue eggs. I was struck with how tiny they were. I guess that comes from my familiarity with chickens' eggs. She devotedly sat on the eggs, rain or shine, for several weeks.

Now baby robins have hatched.  Two appeared Thursday and the third on Friday. At first, I thought they were not viable. They were just lumps of flesh with no discernible features and they didn't move. But soon, I detected movement and now eyes and beaks are identifiable. They still don't have feathers and not even little baby bird fuzz. I realize I've never seen hatchlings this young before. The picture above shows them a few days old, as they are today. I caught a glimpse of one raising it's head and opening its beak for Mom to supply breakfast. Simply amazing!

When I see things like this, the complexity of life and the instincts that drive nature's creatures, I wonder at how people don't believe in God. These miracles of life don't just happen. They are the fantastic result of a divine Creator who is extravagant in what He has made.

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  1. What a treat to see such small wildlife in so many stages! What blessed kids to live near you!