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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shearing the Bunnies

If not for the heat, shearing the bunnies would seem like an indignity. But yesterday, as I snipped and snipped, Nut seemed to be sighing with relief to have his thick winter coat removed. He looks kinda funny, pictured left ... scissor shearing is choppier than electric clippers, but much less stressful, I think. I watched YouTube videos on how to do it. Those who used clippers tied up the bunnies and placed them on a contraption akin to a stretching rack. That just didn't seem like a good way to do it. So, choppy it is.

Honey was alot less appreciative of the undressing. She wiggled much more than her nose while I sheared, so I went more slowly, trying not to cut her. As a result, I didn't finish before she needed a break from the ordeal, and she looks even funnier than Nut. In her picture, you can also see the ingenious addition to their hutch that Scott built. There is a ramp that goes from their hutch into our bedroom window. Easy access to the house helps them feel more like inside than outside pets. Retrieving them for brushing is much easier; giving them treats is a cinch. However, as noctural animals, it has taken a little getting used to not to be alarmed when I hear noises just outside my bedroom window in the dead of night.

My goal was to cut the primary wool, the longest and best for spinning which comes from their backs. It is pictured here -- the sheared wool in the paper bag and the wool from brushing in the plastic bag. Secondary wool is inferior, shorter and is sheared from their legs and stomach. The shortest hair from their feet is usually not even used for spinning. Maybe I'll save that for pillow stuffing or animal bedding. I'll need some help cutting their tummies, legs and feet, so I'll finish up when Scott is available to help.

It's time to schedule my spinning class now that I have a good batch of wool.


  1. Awwwe! They are so cute all trimmed up! I like them fluffy too, but it is getting really hot. I have to figure out how to trim the toenails on ours. Do you know any way to get them to sit still for brushing and clipping, etc? Cottontail seems to love jumping all over :-/

  2. I use the dog's toe nail clippers on thier paws ... works well for me. And no, I don't have a good way to get them to sit still. Nut is cooperative and seems to enjoy the attention. Honey wiggles the whole time. I find they aren't interested in treats while I groom them, so food doesn't seem to be a solution either.