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Saturday, October 16, 2010


The Bible says "Practice hospitality". For those of you who did not grow up with an English teacher for a mother like I did, I will remind you that the verb "practice" is in the imperative mood -- so it's a command, not a suggestion. There are so many ways to be hospitable and I have just had the opportunity to practice a few. A dear friend whom I have not seen in 14 years came for a visit this week. Her schedule permitted an overnight stay, so I got the guest room ready for her. We call it The Blue Room, and from its picture, I think you can figure out why. I have really nice sheets for the bed ... Egyptian cotton with a high thread count. I chose pillows to suit different preferences -- a soft down one for those who like to sink their heads into a cloud while they sleep and a firm one for those who need the support, and a couple in between. There is a favorite book of mine on the bedside table and a new lamp for a little bed time reading.

My wonderful husband allowed me to get a new mini fridge for my guests, which I stocked with bottled water and canned soda. I placed fresh fruit, nice chocolates and a jar of trail mix plus fresh flowers from the rose bed on top. Food is such an important way to say welcome ... at least to me. I threw a small dinner party upon her arrival with menu contributions from the hens and vegetable garden. I even splurged on a bottle of wine, which we shared with a toast to old friends.

Having recently been in a hotel overnight (yes! we actually got away from the homestead for a night last weekend), I tried to be alert to the things I particularly liked (or didn't) about our room. I liked the firm mattress and lots of pillows, the shower head and good water pressure. I liked the toiletries available in case I forgot something. I put together a basket of necessities,a just-in-case assortment, including a couple of my lip balm products as a gift. The complimentary soap at the hotel smelled good and left my skin feeling soft, so I put our homemade goat's milk scented soap at the sink and a bar in the shower, too. I have thick, absorbent towels for the guest bath as well.

I love the way God is bringing people to me since I don't leave home often ... an average of 5 people a week drop by for various reasons. Visiting is such fun. It is a blessing to have friends, and to be one.

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  1. You are such a kind and hospitable person, Amelia. I don't know who would not feel welcome in you home. I felt right at home there the first time I visited.