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Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Chickens!

I have been running out of eggs and turning egg customers away ... remind me of that when we are gathering 2 dozen a day and don't know what to do with the bounty! So we decided to increase our flock.

We got 18 more chickens last evening, bringing us to a total of 26. The new girls are all Golden Comets (aka Golden Buff, Red Sex Linked, Red Stars, Cinnamon Queens) and should start laying within the month. This breed has become my favorite, compared to the Orpingtons, Rocks, Wyandottes, Jerseys and Andalusians that are also part of our existing flock, because of their faithfully-laid, beautiful dark brown eggs.

My wonderful husband has been at it again, expanding the chicken run and converting our little shed into a coop sufficient to handle more girls. Your nose might be the only thing that tells you this shed is not what it appears to be. Yes, my pooper duties have increased as will our feed costs, but this is a positive move toward greater self-sustainability. One of the most important aspects of this acquisition is that there are too many new birds to name and bond with as pets. It is conceivable that we could use them for food one day, if times get tough ... really tough, mind you. I so wish city ordinances allowed roosters because I think I would enjoy hatching Golden Comet chicks to spread the joy around.


  1. Amelia, it was such a pleasure to meet you today. I tasted the darker of the honeys and it tasted scrumptious!

    Thank you for the tour. If you don't mind, I would like to write about meeting you on my blog. I was so excited about seeing everything that I forgot to get pictures of your pretty garden and the new chickens. I can't wait to get eggs!

    Will you please let me know when Ma has her babies? I would love to hold one. Give Bella a hug for me.

    Deborah...just up the road!
    Miss Bee's Haven

  2. OH how wonderful.
    My good friend Miss Bee to me, Deborah will be a bee keeper for you tonight.
    Take good care of her, and please give her a hug.
    Love Claudie