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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Appreciation and Praise

Nothing teaches appreciation like loss. We lost water yesterday when the well stopped working. No water to drink; no water to shower for getting clean, smelling better and cooling off; no water for the thirsty animals; no water for preparing for and cleaning up after milking. The loss was incredible ... I really can't describe it adequately with words.

Prior to yesterday, I was thankful for water. I believed the droughts of recent summers taught me how valuable a commodity water is. I often praised God for clean, cool water and its many uses. However, yesterday was the first time I have ever been without ANY water at all except for what was already in the troughs or the Brita pitcher. It bordered on frightening.

I am learning to praise God in and for all situations. This was a real test as my mind sped down the road of imagination of what days without water on a small-dairy-goat-urban-homestead in 90+ degree temperatures would look like. 

Praise works! And I confess it was easy. A wonderful peace and expectation to see how God was going to resolve this problem became my focus, replacing the worrisome questions that had first occupied my thoughts, like -- What was wong with the well and how long was it going to take to get it working again? Would it take days for a part to come in? Had the well caved in and we would need to dig a new one?

I am happy to report that the well was only out of service for about 4 hours. The problem was an exposed wire about 160 feet down. My wonderful husband was able to diagnose and fix the problem without the expensive help of a plumber or well specialist. He didn't have heat stroke while working in the hot afternoon sun, pulling a 100-lb pump up some 200 feet. The parts needed cost less that $50 and were readily available at a local store.

The shower that ensued was pure bliss. Filling the water troughs was pure joy. Even doing dishes was less of a chore. And one main thought lingers ... Jesus is Living Water. I am so thankful the source of that water will never fail.

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  1. Praise God! I know what it is to have a well quit and it be your only source of water. Often as a child our well would be down for 2-3 weeks and we would make 10-20 trips up and down our country road pulling little red wagons full of water pails for taking care of animals, cleaning, etc. Glad you got it working so quickly!