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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Grandpa's Little Helper

Isaac is Grandpa's little helper. I'm not sure what his expression here means ... it might be, "why did you make us stop for a silly picture. Go Grandpa, go!" He enjoyed riding and even did a little driving himself, with Grandpa's help. Of course, Isaac enjoys everything he does. He is the most amazing "baby" (19 months old). As my mom says, he is one in a million in terms of disposition and if we could bottle it, we'd be rich! I don't want to be rich except in the quality of my relationships. We delight that Isaac and his dad are living with us for a spell. So we get lots of time with them. Isaac is reallly good at saying "goat", "Mamma goat" and "chickens". It warms my heart! <3

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