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Monday, April 26, 2010

Goat Grand Prix

We noticed the goats often played in the goat yard after their dinner and milking. They would run circles around the spools, jump on the milking stanchion and throw themselves against the goat shed wall. We sat on the porch swing watching and enjoying their play time, and began to refer to that special time as "Goat Grand Prix".

Now we let the goats out and give them free reign in the yard. They nibble on browse (as Bella is doing in the pic above), playfully butt heads, explore the boundaries and run, jump and spring around the "pasture" aka lawn. I took the camera out with us the other night and filmed their antics for posterity. I wanted to share that time with you. Enjoy!

After Dinner Goat Grand Prix

Grand Prix

More Goat Grand Prix

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