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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

My husband asked me earlier this week what I wanted for Valentine's Day. Facetiously, I quipped "Baby goats!"  Well, he came through!

Meet Baby #1, a precious little boy with a moon spot and ears just like his dad. He has a pink spotted nose and a docile personality. He is a snuggler.

Meet Baby #2.  He has an all-black head with Lamb's ears and white around his nose. He is a big eater and figured the bottle out right away.

The proud new mamma, Little One, did a great job and is doing well. She continues to devote her full attention to her two little boys. She did take time out for treats -- some raisins and cashews -- and a long draw on molasses water. Other than that, she has done nothing but coo at and lick her babies. Charly is a proud pappa, and a nuisance right now. The gate did not keep him out and he is not gentle. He's tied to the post with just enough leash to get in the door of the goat shed in case it rains tonight, as predicted.

More pics and antics to report soon. We are still waiting on Mamma to deliver. She is due Tuesday and must have 4 little ones tucked away in that big belly.

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