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Friday, February 26, 2010


Sometimes it's better not to think about what could have happened. Yet, my mind can't help but go where my stomach lurches and my heart sinks.

Fire! The kids' shelter bedding caught fire yesterday afternoon from the wind blowing a blanket onto the heat lamp. The quilt covering the doorway as well as the straw inside on the ground were in flames ... with the little ones still inside. The LORD's hand of protection is the only reason everyone and everything are fine. He caused me to look out the window just as the fire started. This old lady can move pretty fast if given the right motivation. I ran outside without putting on shoes or a coat. I yanked the quilt off the top and snuffed out the flames, burning my hand and face in the process. I didn't realize the straw was also on fire until I rounded the corner to look inside. With the quilt off the door, the little ones scattered into the yard away from the flames. I grabbed the chair cushion I use to sit on when I bottle feed and beat out the straw fire. Scott arrived in time to put out the quilt a second time ... it was smoldering and the wind whipped up new flames.

What could have happened? I shudder to think! The babies could have been burned, the goat shed with the adults could have caught fire too, the wind could have spread the disaster to engulf so much more of the things I treasure. But none of those things happened, by the grace of God.

I realize this near disaster could cause me to become hyper vigilant, nervous and fearful. The question whose answer I dreaded the most -- What if something goes wrong and I'm not there to help?! (see blog post on February18th) -- has been answered. And the answer is God. I have entrusted this homestead and these animals to Him, and He is faithful. I believe He sent this experience as if to say, "Fear not, for I AM with you. Do not be dismayed, for I AM your God."

A little aloe on my burns and the pain subsided. The blisters are reminders of how good God is. Praise Him, for He is worthy!

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