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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bucklings for Sale

Here are our precious little boys. We want to keep them all, but an urban homestead cannot support that. Note: Names are those given by their adoptive families.

LITTLE ONE and CHARLY had 2 bucklings
Born: Valentine's Day

Sire: Charly is a 100% Nigerian Dwarf, but not registered.

COPA's SCG Cinna Bonni, aka "Little One", is a 2 year old doe. She is 100% Nigerian Dwarf and ADGA registered by her former owner. Her dam is AGS Split Creek Carolina. 
Abraham -- Little One's first born, black with a white crown and nose, Lamb's ears, and white outlined tail. He is full of energy and loves to climb. SOLD 3/7/2010

Isaiah -- This shy, but sweet buckling is all black with lamb's ears and a white blaze like his dad. SOLD 3/7/2010

MAMMA and CHARLY had 6! -- 5 bucklings and 1 doeling
Born: February 16th

COPA's SCG Scarlett's Porche, aka "Mamma", a 3 year old 100% Nigerian Dwarf doe, ADGA-registered by her former owner. Her dam is AGS Split Creek Carolina. She is a great milker!

Moses -- Mamma's first born is a large boy! Mostly white. He is the one around whom his siblings and cousins congregate. A natural leader. SOLD 3/7/2010

Emmit  -- A tricolor cutie with Lamb's ears, he is the smallest and very affectionate.  SOLD 2/26/2010

Clyde -- This little guy is black and white with a narrow belt and a white crown. He loves springing around the goat yard and playing on the cinderblocks. SOLD 3/5/2010

Buckling #6 -- He has lots of brown and a white crown. He is very friendly and sociable, spending his waking hours playing with his siblings. SOLD 3/2/2010

Winston -- This mostly white fella is a typical middle child, a pleaser and well-liked by his siblings. SOLD 3/5/2010

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