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Monday, February 1, 2010

10 Elements of Urban Homesteading

This list is not mine. All credit goes to the original urban homesteader, Jules Dervaes. Visit his website for an amazing adventure into urban homesteading.

1. Grow your own food on your city lot. (More than 50% of your diet, organically, with visually appealing landscaping.)

2. Use alternative energy sources (e.g., solar, wind) in conjunction with energy efficiency and conservation measures to reduce usage.

3. Use alternative fuels and transportation (bicycle, walk, public).

4. Keep farm animials for manure and food. Practice animal husbandry.

5. Practice waste reduction. Use it up, wear it out, make it do, do without, compost it, re-purpose it.

6. Reclaim greywater and collect rainwater. Practice water conservation and recovery.

7. Live simply. … in the manner of past eras. Develop back-to-basics homemaking skills, including food preservation and preparation.

8. Do the work yourself. Learn to do home and vehicle maintenance, repairs and basic construction.

9. Work at home. Earn a living from the land or hand work done at home. Develop a home-based economy.

10. Be a good neighbor. Offer a helping hand for free. Urban homesteading is a community-based way of life, not a business opportunity. Be a neighbor, not a business person.

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